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How To Care Your Silk Essentials?

25 Jan 2023

Your silk items will maintain its stunning appearance and outstanding advantages for your skin, hair, and sleep quality for years to come with careful maintenance. Learn how to care for your silk items, including how to wash, dry and iron them.

How to clean silk

To get rid of bacteria, sweat, oil, dead skin, and other contaminants, it is suggested to wash your silk pillowcases once a month. Maintaining proper hygiene will keep your skin clear and your pillowcase spotless. Silk goods don't require dry cleaning. But for the best care, we do advise that you adhere to the guidelines.

● Use a mild, non-bleach detergent designed for fragile materials.

● Use your washer's delicate cycle or most soft setting whenever possible. Use water that is cool, not more than 30 °C (84 °F). Better cooling is preferred. Warmer water will eventually deteriorate the stitching of your silk. 

● Prevent your silk from becoming agitated or snagged by objects like zippers and bra fasteners.

How to dry silk

Despite the fact that silk is best dried by air, you can save time by putting your silk in the dryer. Just be cautious around excessive temperatures and remember to do as instructed. Your silk products should be dried after being washed at the lowest temperature possible for up to 20 minutes. 

How To Properly Iron Silk

Your silk pillowcases shouldn't wrinkle if you dry them flat. However, if they become a little ruffled after drying, use your iron's "steam" setting to smooth them down.  Although ironing silk is entirely optional, silky silk does look its best!

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