12th Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts & Ideas

12th wedding anniversary gift


The 12th wedding anniversary, also called “linen anniversary” or “silk anniversary”, is quite important for couples. Since married, you have had sweet times and bad times, but nothing can depart you, just as what you have sworn in wedding ceremony. After 12 years accompaniment, you are still entwined together like silk.

Therefore, to celebrate this special day, couples usually give each other silk items. If you have no idea on gift for her or him, you can check out this list.

Fun silk wedding anniversary gifts

If you want to send some fun gifts to your wife, you can consider silk fan & silk kimono robe.

Romantic silk wedding anniversary gifts

Want to send some romantic gifts to your wife?

  • Silk nightgown is sexy and comfy, which makes your wife looks beautiful outside and feels comfortable inside.
  • If your wife is more daring, you can give her silk lace chemise.
  • Silk roses represent each year of blissful marriage. Your wife will be happy to display decorative silk rose at her work table.
  • 12th Anniversary Teddy Bear holding a silk rose is another good choice.
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Pure Silk Lace Neck Split Hem Nightgown

    Practical silk wedding anniversary gifts

    Many women like useful gifts because she can use them every day.

    • Give your wife a silk dress.Then she can wear it on your anniversary dinner party. She must be charming!
    • Silk scarf with a tiger print makes your wife so different .
    • Hand-painted silk scarf is gorgeous and can keep your wife warm as well as fashionable. Small things always make her happy all day.
    • Silk necklace is a really comfy piece than jewelry. Love her, just give her  zero-burden love.
    • Silk peacock earring is lightweight and shiny for its natural luster. Your wife can wear it on any formal occasions by collocating with a silk dress.
    • Silk wrap bracelet looks quite cute, and is suitable for casual fashion occasion.
    • It is well-known that one of women's favorite chic piece when they are going out is a bag. Silk bag, different  from any other bags, makes your wife so special.
    • Your wife may also love the beautiful handmade silk coin purse that looks beautiful and is practical.
    • Best silk pillowcase, with the breathable and hypoallergenic fabric, guarantees your wife every beauty sleeps. These silk pillows can also be put on the sofa to bring your wife the most comfortable experience when she is checking messages or reading a book on sofa!
    • Silk pajamas, so comfortable and cool, give your wife a good night’s sleep and a quite relaxing time at home.
    • Silk sun hat looks cute.
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      Silk gift for your dear husband

      Usually, men will like some high quality things. Therefore if you have no idea on gift for him, you can consider these things. He will be willing to wear it to go for a walk in your neighborhood and tell anyone passed by that "My wife buy this for me. It's wonderful, right?"

      • Mens silk pajamas areis a good choice for him to drink a cup of coffee or read a book.
      • Silk robe makes him more handsome than anytime. You'll fall in love with him again and again.
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        Your couple silk sets

        Wear your matching silk sets to do everything seems to be quite sweet,hug or take a walk in park with your fingers crossed.

        Couple Pure Silk Short Pajama SetsPure Silk Couple Robe & Nightgown

        Silk products may be a good choice to symbolize your marriage. Silk means inextricable destiny, which contains best wishes for your marriage. Besides, silk is quite comfortable and have many benefits. Nothing is better than silk to compare to your feeling to each other. So why not silk as gift?